Format of Papers Submitted to the Conference

Text Format

- Margins: 4cm top, bottom, left and right
- Paper size: A4
- Font: Arial throughout
- Article Title: 14 point, bold, centred
- Article Authors: 10 point, bold, centred
- Authors Affiliations (university or company - optional): 10 point, italic, centred
- Affiliations may be numbered with a superscript index
- Text of abstract/summary: 10 point, italic, justified
- Sub-headings: 10 point, left justified, bold
- Sub-headings should be numbered and placed on a separate line without indentation
- Use only one or two levels of sub-headings


- One blank line between title and authors (10 point)
- One blank line between authors and affiliations (10 point)
- Two blank lines between affiliations and start of abstract text
- One blank line (10 point) before and after each sub-heading


- The paper should be in single column format throughout (i.e. not two-column style as required by, for example, the IEEE)

Sections in the Paper

The contents of the paper should be as expected for an academic publication.
The following sections are suggested for guidance in the case of a Full Paper. It is not necessary for Short Papers to include all these sections.
- Abstract/Summary
- Introduction including aims
- Background and related work
- Body of text (divided by numbered sub-headings) including results and discussion
- Conclusions
- References


- Tables should be numbered in sequence, Table 1, Table 2 etc
- Each table should have a brief explanatory title
- The text should refer to each table and explain its significance

Figures (including Diagrams and Graphs)

- Figures should be numbered in sequence, Figure 1, Figure 2 etc
- Each Figure should have a brief explanatory title
- The text should refer to each table and explain its significance
- Electronic images should be provided at an adequately high resolution


- Citations in the text should be made using numbers in square brackets e.g. ‘Many examples of the phenomenon have been described in the literature [4, 5, 6].’
- All publications cited in the text should be presented in a list of references following the text of the manuscript using this style:-
4. Rodgers, W. and Negash, S. The effects of web-based technologies on knowledge transfer, Communications of the ACM, ACM Press. Vol 50:7, pp. 117-122 (2007)
5. Gupta, A. and Seshasai, S. 24-hour knowledge factory: Using Internet technology to leverage spatial and temporal separations, ACM Transactions on Internet Technology (TOIT), ACM Press. Vol 7:3 (2007)
6. Ghose, S. and Dou, W. Interactive functions and their impacts on the appeal of Internet presence sites. Journal of Advertising Research. Vol 38, pp. 29–43 (1998)

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